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USA's BIG Cannabis Problem

March 31, 2016

With High Times announcing its 22nd Cannabis Cup overall to be held in the United States with the upcoming Cup in San Bernardino California, all seems well with the state of cannabis in the USA.

But is it all good?

The San Bernardino Cannabis Cup this coming April is actually a replacement for the very popular Denver Cannabis Cup, which had to be canceled this year because a permit was denied.

And the Michigan Cannabis Cup, scheduled for this June, is being proudly touted by High Times as its so-called, "First Ever All-Medical Event!" (exclamation point courtesy of High Times).

This happy description is simply an attempt to put a positive spin on existing barriers with recreational cannabis that will affect the Michigan Cup, such that only medical users will be allowed - recreational users need not come.

A BIG problem in the USA right now is that even though cannabis may be purchased in some states legally, there's practically no where to go to consume it legally.

Public consumption is illegal, so US cannabis events like the Cannabis Cup have a hard time securing a permit (High Times canceled five Cannabis Cups in the last year alone).

Until consumption laws change in the United States, Amsterdam Holland with its 200 plus coffeeshops (and English spoken everywhere) is still hands down THE BEST place in the world to enjoy a complete cannabis experience.

Not only coffeeshops, but plenty of bars and parks and other public places allow cannabis too. And tourists are still allowed to join in the fun.

Also, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup ain't missing a beat.

When High Times dropped the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup last year, the local coffeeshops in Amsterdam picked up the ball and continue the tradition.

For anyone interested in a robust cannabis experience with the freedom to partake in the coolest city on this planet, there is no better place on Earth right now than the cannabis Mecca of the world - Amsterdam Holland.



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