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Is Jamaica Cannabis Cup Already History?

August 20, 2016

The once proud High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was the epitome of a cannabis enthusiast's paradise.

High Times ran the Cup for 27 years in Amsterdam, and it became the Gold Standard for similar events all around the world.

After the 25th anniversary edition in 2012, Steven Hager left High Times and would no longer run the event. He ran the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for its entire 25 year history up to that point, after having conceived of its idea in 1987.

As Mr Hager left High Times, problems immediately increased for the Cannabis Cup.

Those problems culminated in the 2014 vendor expo fiasco, when Amsterdam authorities shut down the Cannabis Cup's vendor expo.

So High Times decided to leave the unwelcoming confines in Amsterdam and make Jamaica the new home of the "World Cannabis Cup", as High Times branded it.

High Times alluded to these changes late in 2015, after maintaining as late as May that the Amsterdam Cup was still scheduled.

In November 2015, the first ever Jamaica Cannabis Cup took place (aka World Cannabis Cup).

November was always the traditional month for hosting the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, specifically during the week of Thanksgiving as celebrated in the United States.

The Jamaica Cannabis Cup went ahead in 2015 a week or so before Thanksgiving, as the Thanksgiving slot was held for Amsterdam.

Fast forward to 2016.

For many months, High Times had a link on their website for the 2016 Jamaica Cannabis Cup.

But just very recently, High Times removed the link for the 2016 Jamaica Cannabis Cup.

Typically when High Times removes a link to a Cannabis Cup event, they end up canceling the event.

That happened earlier this year, when the highly popular Denver Cannabis Cup was canceled due to permit issues.

And before the Denver Cup cancellation, High Times canceled five other Cannabis Cups in the previous several months (agan permit issues).

Now Jamaica appears to be on the chopping blocks.

If true and the Jamaica Cannabis Cup is indeed canceled, then High Times will not have a so-called "World Cannabis Cup" as they have for the previous 28 years.

At least with High Times out of the picture, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup has been resurrected by an outside force!

But what fate now holds for Jamaica is anybody's guess.



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