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High Times 30th Anniversary Cannabis Cup

November 23, 2017

High Times came into Amsterdam Holland at the last minute to stamp their name on the Cup that someone else was set to host.

With barely three weeks before local coffeeshops were to hold their 2017 Amsterdam Cup - which represented the 30th year in a row for a Thanksgiving-time Cup in Amsterdam - High Times moved in and took over.

Apparently High Times made numerous committments in order to get in. Questionable is whether they delivered.

Some of the participating coffeeshops, which had to pay High Times a couple grand for the privelage, felt not. A staff member at Coffeeshop Amsterdam said they were only included as participants because High Times would not allow them to back out.

If High Times has little desire to organize a meaningful event, they would do well by staying out of the way of others who are prepared to host thoughtful festivities.

This was High Times' first return after having ditched Amsterdam three years prior following a clash with local authorities.

The four-night 30th anniversary event started on Sunday November 19 with a delay of an hour or so at the Melkweg music hall, leaving revellers waiting in the nighttime downpour outdoors. Once the doors finally opened, a reggae band greeted the wet and weary guests. However reports say many didn't stick around too long. The only sign of High Times was a small booth selling their tee-shirts.

Monday saw a sparse turnout for the music show which had scheduled DJ JSE, Lord Digga, Ruste Juxx and Devin the Dude.

Things were promised to pick-up on Tuesday with the reggae vibes of King Shiloh Sound System, followed by a 90's/2000 dancehall set by DJ WAXFIEND.

Wednesday was the closing night party and awards show, and the crowd was filling up pretty well as the music commenced. Slated was The Dubbeez and Woodie Smalls.

Award winners were:

Best Weed by a Coffeeshop

1st Prize - BlackBerry Bliss by Original Dampkring
2nd Prize - White Fire #6 by Grey Area
3rd Prize - Sunset Sherbet by Voyager's

Best Weed by a Seed Company

1st Prize - S1 by DNA Genetics
2nd Prize - Orange Diesel V3 by Lady Sativa Genetics
3rd Prize - Sunset Sherbet by Pheno Finder

Best Domestic Hash by a Coffeeshop

1st Prize - SB Ice by Grey Area
2nd Prize - Red Ice by Original Dampkring
3rd Prize - Cookies and Cream Isolator by Green Place

Best Import Hash by a Coffeeshop

1st Prize - Mango Haze by Bagheera
2nd Prize - Asli by Original Dampkring
3rd Prize - Don Perignon by Green Place

Best Hash by a Seed Company

1st Prize - Devil's Glue by Devil's Harvest (extracted by the Devil's Nectar and Suvernuven)
2nd Prize - The Juice by Crockett Family Farms
3rd Prize - SO G Kush Waterhash by Soma Sacred Seeds



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