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Colorado Cannabis Cup Update

February 24, 2016

More news has just come in regarding the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup, which at the moment appears to be headed to Pueblo.

This follows the denial of their permit application in Denver for the Denver Mart facility, despite having held a Cannabis Cup in that city for the last four years, with Denver Mart hosting the last two Cups.

Channel 13 News in Pueblo Colorado reports that, "The Pueblo county attorney said that a permit has been initially approved, pending a few final details. A final decision will be made about 30 days out from the event."

Last week, High Times posted on their website that tickets for the Colorado Cannabis Cup will be available 'next week'.

As of the writing of this article, their website continues to indicate that tickets for the event will be available 'next week', which means this week. But no tickets are available yet.

High Times regularly delays updating their website with current information (for example, right now they are still advertising events that already took place in December and January), and they have a history of issuing tickets and event information late, despite promises to the contrary.

UPDATE 2/25/16: The Pueblo Chieftain reports that it is unclear whether a permit would be granted in Pueblo because county regulations state, "applications shall be submitted no less than 75 days prior to the event." High Times currently indicate on their website that the event is to commence on April 16, which is not within the 75 day minimum limit.

UPDATE 2/26/16: High Times website has now removed the dates for the event, which was posted recently as April 16-18. For quite a while before that, April was posted as the timeframe, but now even that isn't posted anymore. They've also removed the expired promise that tickets will be available 'next week'.

UPDATE 2/27/16: Channel 13 News in Pueblo reports that a full application has yet to be submitted by High Times, and event dates need to be delayed (supposedly to April 22) to meet requirements. The county is still gathering information needed to make a decision.

UPDATE 2/28/16: KOAA-TV in Colorado reports that event dates are now to be April 22-24, and that the minimum age to attend has been raised from 18 to 21. They also report of residents close to the proposed event site being unhappy with a Cannabis Cup in their neighborhood, and that residents haven't been properly informed about it. Channel 13 News in Pueblo reports that High Times has until March 1st to file a corrected and proper application, and that the county has to make a final decision by March 23. Leafly reports that Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor vowed to appeal the permit if granted.

UPDATE 3/7/16: High Times website now says that they've suspended their pursuit of a permit in Pueblo. Then it becomes a bit unclear. It sounds like they're saying there will be no Cannabis Cup in April, but they're still pursuing a permit somewhere in Colorado.

UPDATE 3/8/16: High Times website now states that something called the "US Cannabis Cup" has been moved to San Bernardino CA on April 15-17. This is the first time we've seen the term "US Cannabis Cup," which apparently refers to the previously named Colorado Cannabis Cup, which was previously known as the Denver Cannabis Cup. To add to the confusion, on April 19 High Times will also stage something in Broomfield Colorado at the 1st Bank Center (tickets not yet available). They describe it as the "High Times Concert Series" and the "Colorado Cannabis Cup awards. The Colorado Cannabis Cup competition will take place, but will not feature an expo and adult-use area." Additionally, their website indicates that the Colorado Cannabis Cup is "Coming Soon." Whew, sounds like team High Times has been dipping into some of the samples.

UPDATE 3/11/16: High Times website has now added more detail regarding the April 19 event in Broomfield Colorado, stating: "be sure to check out a private exhibit of the leading Colorado cannabis companies!" This is in addition to their previous event description that the event, "will not feature an expo and adult-use area." The website continues to indicate that the Colorado Cannabis Cup is "Coming Soon."

UPDATE 3/18/16: High Times website has now made tickets available for the April 19 event.

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