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New Blood As High Times Dumps Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

August 29, 2015

Like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and other famous rebels before it, the High Times version of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup has died at 27.

There will be no 28th annual High Times version of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2015.

Even though High Times' long-running version of the annual harvest celebration during Thanksgiving has passed away, a new player has taken over the celebration of all things cannabis in Amsterdam.

First a little history...

Since 1988, the High Times version of the Cannabis Cup was hosted every year in the cannabis capital of the world - Amsterdam Holland.

And for many years, the Amsterdam version of the High Times Cannabis Cup was the only game in town.

But nowadays a deluge of Cannabis Cups have popped up like pimples all over the place, thanks mainly to the liberalization of attitudes toward the marijuana plant in the United States.

Long gone are the days of Reefer Madness.

Now it's "reefer sadness" as the Grand Daddy - the High Times version of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup - has been laid to rest. But new blood keeps the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup alive.

High Times has been very low key about the cancellation and at the time of this writing have not stated an official reason, indicating only that they are replacing it with their brand new Jamaica Cannabis Cup.

That gives the new organizers of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup a great opportunity to improve it. And they've done just that.

The new organizers have kept the same, familiar format of past Amsterdam Cups.

But they've replaced some of the commercialized aspects with more local Amsterdam flair. Long live Amsterdam Cannabis Cup version 2.0!



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