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Cannabis Cups: Amsterdam vs United States

November 1, 2014

The Cannabis Cups in the United States are no match to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Cup has many advantages.

The biggest advantage is Amsterdam is a city that is over 700 years old, and the medieval atmosphere with the architecture, canals, etc. is very unique - nothing nearly like it exists anywhere in the USA.

Enjoying a good smoke and just roaming around Amsterdam, soaking in all the sights, is a truly magical experience.

An equally big advantage is that Amsterdam has over 200 cannabis coffeeshops, which are funky, unique places with lots of character that don't exist anywhere else in the world outside of Holland.

Another nice advantage is that the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is spread out over many locations in the city, not just in one big hall like most of the United States based Cannabis Cups.

So you get to explore a fascinating city while visiting all the venues part of the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Here's another big advantage Amsterdam has. After the Cannabis Cup in the United States closes down for the night, there are no public places to go to legally consume cannabis.

Whereas in Amsterdam, you not only have a couple hundred coffeeshops to go and enjoy a toke, but there are many bars, parks, and other public spots that allow cannabis consumption on premises as well.

Finally, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is five days long, not one or two days like the Cannabis Cups held in the United States.

Amsterdam is the original home to the Cannabis Cup where it all started way back in 1988.

The rest are simply cheap imitations. You just can't beat the home of the original - the one and only Amsterdam Holland!



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