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Jewish History in Amsterdam Trip

AUGUST 3 - 10, 2018


When many in Europe were expelling Jews from their borders in the 15th century, Amsterdam was welcoming them.

As a result, the Jewish community flourished in tolerant Amsterdam.

Then the Holocaust deeply affected the Dutch capital, killing over 80% of it's Jewish population.

But it's an epic story of rebuilding and resilience that has seen the Jewish people thrive once again in Amsterdam!

Travel Package Includes:

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  • 6 Nights Hotel
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  • City Tour Canal Cruise
  • Free Museums
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Anne Frank school photo

Anne Frank House The Holy Bible is the world's number one best selling book of all time. Number two is the diary of Anne Frank. Explore the actual home where Anne Frank hid for her life during World War II, before eventually being caught. This sobering memorial is consistently one of the top draws for visitors to Amsterdam. Avoid the perpetual long lines and ques with our special ticket, which is included with our travel package.

Jewish Historical Museum

Jewish Historical Museum Comprising of no less than four synagogue buildings, the Jewish Historical Museum resides in the Jewish Cultural Quarter of Amsterdam. A unique attraction of the museum is the Children's Jewish Historical Museum. The Quarter also houses the Portuguese Synagogue with its perfectly intact 17th-century interior. FREE entry to the museum and synagogue are included in our travel package.

National Holocaust Memorial Hollandsche Schouwburg

National Holocaust Memorial Also located in the Jewish Cultural Quarter of Amsterdam is the Hollandsche Schouwburg -- The Netherlands' National Holocaust Memorial. FREE entry is included in our travel package. Other points of interest found in the Quarter are the National Holocaust Museum and Ets Haim Livraria Montezinos - the world's oldest functional Jewish library - founded 400 years ago and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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