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First US State Fair with Cannabis

September 11, 2016

For the first time ever, a state fair in the United States awarded blue ribbons for the best cannabis plants.

The 2016 Oregon State Fair featured the winning plants of the Oregon Cannabis Growers' Fair cannabis competition held two weeks earlier, which judged 50 or so entries to select the top three plants in each of the indica, sativa, and hybrid categories.

However the cannabis plants were not front and center at the State Fair.

Like some record shops that used to sell marijuana paraphernalia discreetly in a back room, cannabis at the State Fair was given similar treatment.

A separate tent at the State Fair, accessible only to those 21 years of age and older, housed the nine live cannabis plants that were the winners of the competition.

The plants were all non-flowering type. Rules prohibited buds from being allowed, and there was no cannabis consumption as part of the State Fair's festivities.

Regardless, the event was a great success according to the organizers.

Bigger plans are in the works for next year's Fair, which is to include flowering plants and many more entries.

Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2014 after having legalized medical marijuana in 1998.

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