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Las Vegas Cannabis Cup is History

Friday March 6, 2017

The 2017 Las Vegas Cannabis Cup is now history, after making history just before it started its wild ride.

Only days before the Cup was to start, reports of the Feds clamping down on the Cup started swirling.

Federal Authorities made it very clear to High Times that possession and consumption at the Cup was against Federal law, despite Nevada's brand new state law legalizing recreational cannabis.

Attendees reportedly lit up anyway.

Vendors were hit hard though as they could not be in possession of their cannabis products at the Cup. So after dishing out a few grand for the privelage of setting up a booth at the Cup, many had no product to offer.


And that's not all that went down.

The Cup also ended abruptly.

The first-ever Las Vegas Cannabis Cup was set to run two days, Saturday March 4 and Sunday March 5, 2017.

But it never made it past Day 1.

One day of fiasco of a Cannabis-less Cup was probably enough...although High Times stated that the reason for cutting the Cup short was due to a wind advisery.

Perhaps it was hot air. Whatever the case, the Cup did not take place on Sunday as scheduled.

All this happening in the backdrop of pending Nevada state legislation which may allow cannabis consumption cafes soon, perhaps by this summer (California may do the same in 2018).

This past weekend's events in Las Vegas (of all places) show that cannabis freedom still has a LONG way to go in the United States.

Maybe if High Times toned down the cannabis gluttony a little bit at their Cannabis Cups - like the blazing two foot long joints - the Feds might not feel the need to interfere.

The over-the-top consumption was the kind of scene seen all over the massive Denver Cannabis Cup, before it was effectively terminated.

Regardless, the events at this inaugrial Cannabis Cup in Sin City prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Amsterdam Holland remains the #1 place in the world for cannabis enjoyment and freedom.

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