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High Times Returning to Amsterdam

Friday October 27, 2017

High Times just announced (very late in the game) their return to Amsterdam in 3 weeks-time for the 30th anniversary of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup!

Let's hope their visit to Amsterdam this Thanksgiving won't be like their last one.

That was in 2014 when Amsterdam authorities shut down some of High Times' stuff at the Cup. High Times abandoned the Amsterdam Cup after that.

This will be High Times first involvement back in the Dam since 2014.

Important to note is that when High Times left Amsterdam, the Cup torch didn't extinguish.

Local coffeeshops picked up the ball and kept The Cup rolling. Thanks to them The Cup never missed a beat!

In fact High Times is only a partner this year with the local organizers, who have run The Cup the previous two years.

It will be interesting to see how High Times will impact this year's Cup. That is, if they actually do follow through.

You just never know with those rascals. Drama seems to follow them wherever they go.

In the US, High Times has also experienced numerous difficulties with the authorities regarding Cannabis Cups, especially the past two years.

Just one example...Earlier this year, the inaugural Las Vegas Cannabis Cup came under federal crackdown (despite Nevada's legalization of recreational cannabis).

And no small number of Cannabis Cups before that have been cancelled outright.

Hopefully High Times recent history of hosting horrors doesn't hinder the 2017 Amsterdam Cup.

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