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Friday March 3, 2017

Federal authorities have intervened in the first ever Las Vegas Cannabis Cup, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow and Sunday (actual venue is in Moapa Nevada - a half hour drive north of the Strip).

Cannabis Business Times reports that the US Department of Justice has warned the Las Vegas Cannabis Cup organizers about weed.

As a result, the Nevada District Attorney's office sent a letter to High Times' partner in the staging of the Cannabis Cup, Ultra Health. In a whopping blow, the District Attorney warned Ultra Health that no cannabis products can be used or distributed at the Cup.

Similarly, High Times website is reporting that the Feds have interfered with the venue owners - native American Moapa Band of Paiutes. Due to the Feds interference, the website is also stating that, "vendors, guests, performers and attendees are advised to comply with applicable law concerning the distribution of cannabis in any amount at the event."


It sure sounds like it's going to be a "no go" for weed at the historic, first-ever Las Vegas Cannabis Cup.

This is a major change.

What's a Cup without cannabis?

Afterall, the Cup was touted as a free-for-all consumption event celebrating brand new pot laws.

But Nevada's November vote which legalized recreational cannabis ain't enough to stop the Feds.

Prior to November's vote, some big casino owners opposed the cannabis legalization effort.

Could they have gotten the last laugh and urged the Feds to oppose what they couldn't stop at the ballot box?

Whatever happened behind close doors, the Feds have certainly made one thing crystal clear.

They don't want cannabis at the Cannabis Cup in Sin City.


Las Vegas is only the latest in a series of disappointments High Times has had to face in organizing Cannabis Cups.

The highly popular Denver Cannabis Cup came to a screeching halt last year when the city denied the permit for the event.

Denver was one of many Cannabis Cups that was canceled for permit issues (all in a relatively short period of time too).

The Denver Cup had all-out toking - in the tens of thousands of people - while it lasted.

But it ran for only a few short years. And it isn't slated at all for 2017.


Despite more and more states legalizing recreational cannabis, holding public consumption events seems to be tougher and tougher.

It looks like the current state of affairs for cannabis in the US is not entirely rosy.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...Just not in any public place. And especially not in big masses at a public event.

Read about it at Cannabis Business Times

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