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Colorado to Limit Pot THC Levels?

January 12, 2017

A bill initiated in 2016 in the Colorado state legislature is looking to place a limit on the potency of pot.

House Bill 1261, if it becomes law, will limit all cannabis products in the state to less than 16% THC.

This is right around the average THC level for the cannabis buds sold in Colorado.

But it is nowhere near the average THC level for non-flower cannabis products such as extracts, which on average are over 60% THC!

A similar proposal was raised years ago in the world's cannabis capital, Amsterdam Holland.

It has yet to become law in Holland, with a similar THC restriction level as the Colorado bill.

But Holland did go ahead and make cannabis concentrates (other than hashish) illegal in 2014, after concentrates enjoyed a short stint as being "tolerated" in The Netherlands.

Will the Holland of the USA - the state of Colorado - follow a similar path?

We will have to wait to see.

One possible impediment to enacting a maximum THC policy however is that monitoring THC levels may be more of an undertaking than is practical or reasonable.


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