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'Colorado' Cannabis Cup Setback

February 23, 2016

With Denver no longer considered as the host for the 2016 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup due to (surprise) permit issues, the latest scoop is that Pueblo county in Colorado will be the second choice as host.

Now High Times has renamed the event from Denver Cannabis Cup to Colorado Cannabis Cup, for the time being anyway.

A permit application has been filed with Pueblo County in Colorado to host the event, but there was an issue with the application so it needs to be re-filed.

Will the event take place at all?

Hard to say, but no less than four High Times Cannabis Cups were canceled last year due to permit issues, including the one that started it all in 1988 - the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

Stay tuned for all the drama regarding this year's Denver Cannabis Cup, er, Colorado Cannabis Cup, or whatever High Times ends up calling it. That is, if it takes place at all.

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