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Cannabis Law Drama

July 4, 2013

Holland's Justice Minister announced last year that all cities in the country will "eventually" have to comply and ban tourists from cannabis coffeeshops.

The Minister's comment was in reference to a new national law that went into effect January 1, 2013.

The new law was intended to turn coffeeshops into private clubs, where only residents of Holland could join. Thus, tourists were to be banned.

But a late change to the law gave local governments the final decision on whether or not to ban tourists.

Or so it seemed...

Many cities in Holland (such as Amsterdam) decided NOT to ban tourists at the start of 2013.

And since then it has been business as usual, tourists included.

But after those comments by the country's Justice Minister, nothing is certain and the status of tourists and cannabis may change anytime after this year.

The good news is that tourists won't be banned yet this year, which means there is still at least one more opportunity this coming Thanksgiving to experience the original Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam Holland....and hopefully not the last (the Cup's status will need to be verified on a year by year basis from now on).

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