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Cannabis Cup version 2.0

November 30, 2015

After running for 27 consecutive years, High Times unceremoniously canceled the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2015 at the last moment.

But that didn't stop the Dutch...

With little time left before Thanksgiving when the Cannabis Cup is traditionally held, some Amsterdam locals scrambled to put something together in its place. And in the nick of time, they were able to launch Cannabis Cup ver. 2.0.


Version 2.0 took place during Thanksgiving 2015 without High Times, and it consisted of two parts.

The first part ran November 23-25.

The second part was something called the International Culture Convention Grace Glass Weekender on November 26-29. Grace Glass is a bong manufacturer based in Amsterdam with a British boss.

2015 - PART I

Part I had a familiar theme: participants purchase a Judge's Pass, attend parties thrown by cannabis coffeeshops, vote for their favorite cannabis, and announce the winners at a big bash at the Melk Weg (Milky Way) with loads of music and DJ's throughout.

Supervising the whole judging ordeal was Amsterdam's well-known and long-established Cannabis College, located in the Red Light District.

Winners were announced on Wednesday November 25..

2015 - PART II

Part II (ICCGG Weekender) started on Thanksgiving Thursday with a special 'Danksgiving' meal, a cannabis-infused turkey dinner.

A party starting at 11pm rounded out the night.

Tickets for Thursday's dinner and night party went for EUR 37.50 per person.

The dinner and expo took place at the Radion facility in the (sort of) remote southwest of Amsterdam.

The remainder of phase 2 of Cannabis Cup ver. 2.0 consisted of an expo with exhibitors and seminars, as well as a secret cannabis competition.

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